Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Science major in Agronomy/Horticulture

The Ph.D. Program is designed to provide an in depth knowledge and technical skills in their major fields of specialization.  Moreover, the program shall improve their managerial and entrepreneurial competence.

The student must be able to conduct an independent scholarly research work and is able to draw or infer conclusions that may modify or enlarge upon what has been previously known.  The candidate must present a dissertation embodying the results of his research.

The Doctoral Program in Plant Science provides two major areas of specialization.  Agronomy and Horticulture, with Crop Production and Management as area of concentration. Minor work is also provided for students taking major work in other departments.  The MS and Ph.D. degrees,are established on individual basis by the Advisory Committee/Guidance Committee constituted to guide the work of the student.

Aside from qualifying examination as a requirement for regular admission to the Ph.D. Degree, the program also requires a comprehensive examination, and in oral defense of the student’s dissertation.

Summaryof Minimum Requirements
Course Requirements Units
CoreCourses 9
MajorCourses 18
Cognate 9
CHEDLanguage Requirements 6
Dissertation 12
Total 54

Level II- Re-Accredited