Doctor of Philosophy in Development of Education

The Ph.D. in Development Education is a dynamic study of the functionality of education to the society. This is a degree course which aims to produce high level professionals who shall function effectively not only as managers of educational institutions and research centers but also world-class entrepreneurs.

The course is designed to produce graduates who shall be ethical, critical, innovative, productive, environment-friendly and development-oriented educational leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and developers of lines of thinking and practices. The course is also designed to provide the graduates with the opportunities to be more sensitive and responsive to the changing conditions of the present society.

The graduates of Ph.D. in Development Education are expected to participate actively in institution building for sustainable societal transformation.


Develop the student’s managerial-leadership and entrepreneurial capability in:

  • Demonstrating a holistic grasp and understanding of the interrelationship of various areas of knowledge and their practical application in the development field, by being comprehensive and in-depth in scope, interdisciplinary or integrative in approach, and research orientation.
  • Critically investigating the processes in planning and management, and in evaluating educational institutions, RD & E centers and business organizations.
  • Fund sourcing, networking, mobilizing resources, and identifying educational inputs, operations and outputs within he learning environment to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational activities, projects and programs;
  • Analyzing scientifically, socio-economic, environmental and educational problems and providing solutions towards improvement of human life and society from the perspective of development education; and
  • Building theories, models, paradigms, schemes or approaches in development education and its subsystems for regional and national development.
Summary of Minimum Requirements
Course Requirements Units
Core Courses 12
Major Courses 25
Cognate 9
CHED Language Requirements 6
Dissertation 12
Total 64



Level II – Re-Accredited