Gender and Development

University Gender and Development Office

The Unit ensures that the women’s as well as men’s concerns are integral part of the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of policies and programs of the University so that women and men benefit equally and inequality is not perpetuated. It also ensures the establishment of gender mainstreaming mechanisms such as GAD Focal Point System or GFPS, and the integration of the principles of gender equality in the trilogical functions of the University: (1) curriculum development, (2) gender-responsive research programs, and (3) gender-responsive extension programs. (CMO No. 1, S. 2015)

            As a center, it serves as a mentor to other HEIs requiring technical assistance in mainstreaming Gender and Development into their system. It is the responsibility of the center to draw up plan of action of programs, projects and activities in its ambit. Determine the capacity-building requirements of HEIs in its ambit, establish networks and linkages. And develop monitoring and evaluation tool to help measure and improve the gender mainstreaming efforts of the HEIs in its ambit.

III.        Quality Objectives

  1. To ensure delivery of approved PPAs based on PCW-endorsed GPB.
  2. To ensure compliance on the submission of GAD Plan and Budget and GAD Accomplishment Report to Philippine Commission on Women through GMMS
  3. To assist and facilitate sexual harassment and other gender-based violence complaints
  4. Targets
  5. Annual GAD Planning and Budgeting and Accomplishment Report
  6. Monitor and deliver approved GAD Plan and Budget
  • Craft Policy on Initializing GAD
  • GFPS Capacity Development:
  • Training of GAD pool of experts
  • Conduct of Regional GAD Forum
  • Capacity Development: Gender

Responsive Instruction, Research and Extension

  • Gender-Sensitivity Program
  • Conduct of International/

National/ Local GAD Related events

  • Printing and Dissemination of GAD

IEC Materials

  • Assist and Facilitate sexual

harassment and other gender-based related complaints

  • Facilitate PCW Certification

for Gender-responsive University

  • Conduct GAD-related research

Engendered Education for Sustainable
Human Development

A gender-sensitive university contributing
and benefiting from the attainment of resilient, sustainable and inclusive growth
and development

We are committed in collaboratively mainstreaming gender perspective in instruction, research, extension and support-service functions of the university.


Integrate gender perspectives in the entire operation of the university to ascertain that the system and processes are participatory, fair, empowering and sustainable.

Reduce inequality and discrimination in the various aspects of life in the university
and in the local communities.

Promote empowerment through a deeper understanding of gender, sexuality, health
and human rights issues;

Enhance the academic, technical/ vocational and professional skills and capabilities of students and employees to better address
key gender issues;

Promote gender-fair pedagogies and
gender-responsive researches;

Support the reduction of poverty and vulnerability of people by promoting livelihood and entrepreneurship and improving community’s risk management capacity;

Produce and disseminate information, education
and communication materials on gender-related
issues and concerns; and

Establish linkages and coordinate with government and non-government agencies, civil societies and other institutions in addressing gender issues.

1. There shall be a University Gender and Development (GAD) Office headed by a Focal Person who shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
a. Provide technical, coordinative and secretarial support to the University wide implementation of gender mainstreaming;
b. Develop medium term plan for gender and development in collaboration with the various clusters and colleges of the
c. Ensure that GAD policies and concerns are mainstreamed in the University policies and articulated in the University
programs, projects, and activities (PPA’s);
d. Prepare annual work and financial plan for GAD to be submitted to the Board of Regents, National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women, NEDA, and the DBM for approval;
e. Spearhead implementation of GAD PPA’s with the University clusters and colleges;
f. Monitor the implementation of GAD PPA’s by the University clusters and colleges;
g. Prepare report of accomplishments to be submitted to the above-mentioned offices;
h. Promote harmonious relationship with GAD coordinators in other campuses; and
i. Perform other duties and functions as delegated by the University President.




Director, GAD

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