In support of the university’s goal for innovation in the curricula through powerful technologies, CBSUA finally launched and held the blessing of the newly developed Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) on September 22, 2022.

Present at the event are Rev. Fr. Rolando B. Canonce, the University Chaplain who presided the ceremony; Dr. Alberto N. Naperi, the University President; Dr. Ana E. Mirana, the VP for Academic Affairs; Prof. Cesar Armando S. Camba, Jr. VP for Business and External Affairs; Prof. Celerino B. Llesol, Jr., the Campus Administrator and other members of the top management team and CBSUA community. During the program proper, testimonials were given by a student representative and members of the faculty. They gave emphasis on how CHED-IDIG have been helpful in capacitating them given the current educational set-up. To cap off the program, a representative for CHED-IDIG also gave a message of gratitude and commendation to CBSUA and looks forward to more projects with the university.

The aforementioned center houses technological learning spaces such as the recording studio and two learning development spaces which are equipped with iMac computers and laptops that anyone in the CBSUA community can borrow and use.

These initiatives of CBSUA, in partnership with CHED-IDIG, live up to the mission of the university of leading innovations. CBSUA pledges to develop more projects that will further cater to the needs of the stakeholders especially in developing their technical knowledge and skills.

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