The Christian Farmers Training Center (CFTC) in Cabinitan, Ragay, hosted a training program on April 18-19, 2024, focusing on producing high-quality inbred rice, seed certification, and farm mechanization. 

The event emphasized tools to assess nutrient deficiency and fertilizer computation, aiming to enhance the agricultural sector’s efficiency and productivity.

Implemented under the support of the Rice Competitive Enhancement Fund (RCEF), the training sought to increase the adoption of certified inbred seeds and integrated crop management practices among local farmers. The RCEF’s strategies include promoting and distributing certified seeds of inbred rice varieties alongside mobilizing and strengthening local seed production capabilities.

Led by faculty experts from the CBSUA’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Lizalyn A. Villano and Leah B. Sumalinog, the training provided attendees with in-depth insights into modern assessment tools and techniques for evaluating nutrient levels in both soil and plant tissue. The program was designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to adapt to changing market demands and optimize fertilizers through precise computation and assessment methods.

The event was notably enhanced by a hands-on activity in which participants engaged in soil testing using the Soil Test Kit (STK) and the Minus One Element Techniques (MOET). This practical exercise provided a tangible understanding of the discussed theoretical concepts.

Dr. Manny Mendoza and Norma Mendoza, the Christian Farmers Training Center farm owners, expressed their enthusiasm for the initiative, noting its potential to significantly impact local agricultural practices positively. “This training represents a vital step forward in our mission to support and empower our local farming community,” Dr. Mendoza remarked. “By providing access to modern techniques and knowledge, we are paving the way for a more sustainable and productive agricultural sector.” | Report from Abigael Rose F. Bobis, ESD Staff


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