Extension Modality Development

Extension Modality Development pursues the development of extension delivery models for the holistic delivery of extension services of the University to its clientele and target communities.

a. Adopt-A-Community Program – a modality that shall effect transfer of technologies        and good practices and guarantee relevance of CBSUA’s four-fold functions in instruction,    research, extension and production to the development of its partner communities such as    schools, barangays, parish, day care centers and cooperatives.

b. Techno-Gabay Program – a partnership program with PCARRD-BCARRD framed with        four interrelated modalities: Farmers Information & Technology Service, Magsasaka             Siyentista, Information, Education & Communication, and Information and Communication   Technology.

c. Rainforestation cum Livelihood Program – an extension modality in the preservation     of Philippine rainforest like Mt. Asog and at the same time provide alternative source of       income like dairy goat raising and abaca production to farm families dwelling in the critical   slopes of the mountain; with support from NEDA-PEP.

d. Volunteer Program