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Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness

BSAB Program – AACCUP Level III Reaccredited

The BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AGRIBUSINESS (BSAB) is a four-year degree program designed to prepare students for careers in the nation’s growing agribusiness sector which provides the products and services for the production, processing and distribution of food and fiber. With the potential for expanded export opportunities, the need for graduates for agribusiness positions is increasing.

The agribusiness program combines the general education requirements of a degree in business with coursework emphasizing the understanding of the unique institutional and managerial challenges facing agribusiness firms, Students integrate business management principles with technical knowledge to develop practical decision-making skills.

The curriculum for BSAB aims to prepare students for a broad range of opportunities in agribusiness by using economic and business strategies to guide and lead agribusiness competing in a dynamic global economy and exposure to the unique, but critical characteristics of the food and agricultural industries. Specifically, the curriculum is designed to develop graduates who are well-oriented with management theories and their qualitative and quantitative application, knowledgeable of basic and current agribusiness concepts and trends in the local, national and international scene, equipped with experiential knowledge in the operation and handling of actual business enterprises and ingrained with deep sense of values to pursue the profession of agribusiness in the service of the region and country.

The students of BS Agribusiness can become future entrepreneurs, farm/business managers, business consultants, marketing analysts, researchers and educators. Additionally, the BSAB graduates are eligible to take the Licensure Examination for Agriculturist facilitated by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).