The Research and Innovation Cluster of CBSUA marked another milestone as it launched the Research and Information System of the Research Division Services at CND Hall on March 23-24, 2023.

Dr. Ramona Isabel Ramirez, the head of the Research and Innovation Cluster, gave her warm welcome remarks to the participants of the four campuses. The event was graced by the presence of CBSUA SUC President, Dr. Alberto N. Naperi, who gave a message to the attendees. The president’s words highlighted the importance of research in the growth and development of the university, emphasizing that the system’s launch is a significant step towards the university’s research goals. During the event, the UMIS team of the Sipocot Campus facilitated the demo and launching of the Research and Information System. Mr. Wilson Cezar, the HUMIS Director, led the team and showcased the various features and functions of the system.

The system is expected to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of research-related activities across the university’s four campuses. With the new system, researchers can now conveniently access a wide range of research-related resources, such as funding opportunities, research publications, and project management tools.

The launch of the Research and Information System is a testament to the university’s commitment to advancing research and innovation. It is a step towards improving the university’s research landscape and the wider community.

The system will encourage more researchers to conduct groundbreaking research and will provide them with the necessary resources to do so. Finally, the event concluded with the closing remarks of Ma. Teresa B. Lirag, the head of the Technology Assessment and Information Management Unit. She thanked everyone who made the event a success and encouraged all attendees to utilize the system’s features and capabilities fully.

In conclusion, the launch of the Research and Information System of Research Division Services is a promising development for CBSUA’s research and innovation efforts. The university is taking a significant step forward in improving its research capabilities and fostering a culture of innovation across all four campuses.

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