To celebrate the feat of the College of Veterinary Medicine in the recent Veterinarians Licensure Examination, a Testimonial and Recognition Ceremony for the newly-licensed Veterinary Doctors was held on March 24, 2023 at the CBSUA Alvaro Rabino Hall.

Dr. Ilene Mirabeles, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, gladly welcomed everyone to the ceremony.

University President, Dr. Alberto N. Naperi, delivered a message of inspiration to the attendees. He expressed how happy he was for the students, most especially for the parents. “Dedication and building one’s character, if you have those in mind, you will definitely achieve your goal in life”, he said. Furthermore, he commended the faculty of the college. He stressed the fact that even though they are few, they are producing more than their number.

The programme then proceeded with a speech coming from the guest speaker, Cpt. Nemesio O Rabacal III, VC, a Vet Officer of the 9th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army and an alumnus of the University. In his speech, he recalled, “One of our professors told me to practice the profession with pride and dignity. I’d like to add humility.” He told the new doctors that they are the drivers of their life and that it is up to them what path they will choose.

As commendation to the new Veterinary Doctors, Certificates of Recognition were awarded.

Dr. Deksther Roben Q. Del Pilar, Top 6 National Placer in the examination imparted words of inspiration. He looked back on how his childhood and former profession became major factors in him pursuing VetMed. He did not forget to thank all individuals who became part of his success. Ending his speech, he shared how he became a topnotcher. He was a quizzer who would join various mind contests which he believed trained him for the licensure examination. Dr. Del Pilar received a cash incentive from the University and the Alumni Association of the CVM.

Lastly, a parent was given the opportunity to share a message with the body. She shared her struggles as a parent of a VetMed student which she thought was never easy. She pointed out that support of the parents must not only be financial-wise but also emotional.

The ceremony ended with a ceremonial toast and singing of the Imno Beterinaryo.

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