To provide a venue for disseminating research outputs or technologies generated by the university, strengthen partnerships and linkages between the university and the various stakeholders, and ensure deep understanding and encourage the adoption of appropriate technologies generated by the university, the Research Services Division (RD) and Extension Services Division (ESD) conducted a Technology Forum on Apiculture and Melitourism at Basud Library Hall, Old Municipal Building, Basud, Camarines Norte on December 1, 2022.

This forum was attended by the 100 (face-to-face) selected farmers, entrepreneurs, and LGU officials of the different cooperatives in Camarines Norte. To broaden the dissemination range of this activity, it was aired live on the official social media accounts of ESD for other online learners. The experts and researchers on the Melitourism project from the University served as resource speakers and discussed the various important topic necessary to make farmer-entrepreneurs understand the features, benefits, and potentials of melitourism. Dr. Amelia R. Nicolas talked about the Melitourism Project followed by Dr. Hanliyn A. Hidalgo who discussed Melitourism Technologies and Its Potentials.  In addition, Prof. Mia Bella Fresnido shared about Melitourism in the Philippines and Indonesia. Finally, a farm exposure were done in Arsen’s Farmville Bee Farm and Sahlee’s Agricultural Bee Farm to engage the participants in those farms which has colonies of bees.

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