On Friday, December 09, 2022, more than a hundred Pili and Cacao seedlings were planted for the Tree Planting/Growing of the NSTP-ROTC cadets of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (Pili Campus) with the guidance, help, and support of ROTC Training Staff Members, University Chief Clerk, University Commandant, NSTP Director, Campus Administrator and the University President, at the Villa Soledad Modern, Pili, Camarines Sur.

With the theme “Plant More Trees, Mas Happy, Mas Healthy”, the said activity is part of the mandates of the University engaging communities, promoting GREEN CBSUA. Thus, conducted this activity well improve the University and the lives of its stakeholders, particularly developing leadership skills of basic and advance cadets taking the ROTC course and same as, practicing on how to care maintain the beauty of nature.

Members of the NSTP-ROTC cadets Advance officers and Training staffs organized the Tree Planting and Tree Growing to create more green spaces within Pili, ensure water sustainability and environmental integrity, bringing opportunities for a better quality of life for the people in the community and nearby areas.

In return, apart from providing the site and the seedlings, NSTP-ROTC Cadets will nurture and monitor the growth and sustainability of the seedlings henceforth. Despite the unsettling conditions brought by the bad weather and the aggravating effects of climate change, NSTP-ROTC Cadets and its stakeholders persist to develop relevant programs that will respond to the challenges of time.

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