The College of Veterinary Medicine of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, in collaboration with Universidad de Sta. Isabel of Pili, Inc. hosted an event with the theme “Preserbaran, Atamanon, asin Ipatalubo: Iribahan sa Pagkonserbar kan mga Buhay Ilang” on May 14, 2024 at the Universidad de Sta. Isabel of Pili which aimed to instill a profound understanding and appreciation for the natural world, emphasizing the urgent need to protect our planet’s biodiversity.

Fifty-two (52) senior high school students from the university participated in an immersive learning experience focusing on the critical importance of wildlife conservation. It was spearheaded by the VMED 193 class of Veterinary Medicine under the guidance of Dr. Mark Jaypee C. Gonzales, the esteemed adviser specialized in Apiculture and Wildlife Conservation. 

The seminar featured an impressive lineup of Vet. med class speakers, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to the forefront. Ms. Kris Ann Magistrado initiated the discussions with her presentation on “Exploring the Wildlife and Biodiversity in Our Ecosystem,” where she delved into the complexities of biodiversity, zoonotic diseases, and their impacts on human health, alongside the threats posed by climate change and deforestation. Mr. Aaron John Taborda followed with an insightful presentation on “Philippine Treasures in Peril,” highlighting endemic animals’ challenges and the significance of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. Ms. Kassandra Czarina N. Valencia contributed to the discourse with her talk on “Safeguarding Nature’s Heritage: Strategies for Effective Wildlife Conservation,” discussing legislative efforts and sustainable development goals pertinent to wildlife preservation.

Wrapping up the series of discussions, Ms. Diana Carmela N. Catimbang captivated the audience with her talk, “Champions of the Wild: Mobilizing Students and Veterinarians for Wildlife Conservation.” She highlighted the crucial roles that both students and veterinarians have in championing and executing conservation initiatives in their communities.

The seminar concluded with an engaging quiz game facilitated by the CVM students, followed by the awarding of certificates, and a college promotion session, all aimed at fostering a deeper connection and commitment to wildlife conservation among the participants. | Report from Ma. Ivy B. Landagan, ESD Staff

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