Universitas Muria Kudus (UMK), in partnership with the College of Development Education, and other universities abroad, conducted the International Symposium with the theme, “Learning Development of Numerical Literacy and Technology Adaptation in the Disruption Era,” on June 28, 2022, through a hybrid conference.

Those who were in Indonesia attended via face-to-face modality, while those who are in other countries attended via zoom video conferencing. It was participated in by undergraduate and postgraduate students that aimed to equip them with knowledge of managing research and publication. Universitas Muria Kudus (UMK) is one of the state-owned universities in Indonesia and one of the active partners of CDE in the implementation of its international activities.

Dr. Glenn E. Redecilla, one of the faculty members of CDE and Director of Gender and Development, was one of the resource speakers who discussed the importance of technology in the development of numerical literacy. The resource speakers focused on the various strategies used in their countries to address the needs of students for numerical literacy during the times of pandemics.

The activity was successful with the support of the Vice President for Business and External Affairs, Prof. Cesar Armando S. Camba, Sr.; Director of the International Relations Office, Prof. Julie Amara M. Bondilles; and Dr. Raquel M. Reapor, the dean of the College of Development Education. Dr. Cherry Love B. Montales served as the coordinator of the activity together with her counterpart in the UMK, Dr. Siti Masfuah.


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