On November 28, 2023, the CBSUA Quality Assurance Office (QAO) organized a University Management Review at the Alvaro Rabina Hall and via Zoom Video conferencing, which was strategically designed to prepare the institution for the upcoming ISO external audit, aiming to furnish process owners with essential data for informed decision-making regarding service improvements.

The comprehensive review involved the participation of all process owners from various campuses, both in-person and through the virtual platform. The primary focus was on presenting and dissecting the findings of the previous audit across all campuses, with a specific emphasis on addressing Requests for Action (RFAs) identified during the internal audit.

This event is an important follow-up to the campus management review, getting things in order for the upcoming ISO external audit on December 6, 2023, digging into past audit results, and going through Requests for Action (RFAs) in detail, showing that CBSUA is serious about meeting international standards.

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