On August 9 and 16, 2022 , a training on Organic Agriculture was conducted at San Antonio, Pili, Camarines Sur by the Extension Services Division, in collaboration with College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and other departments.
This training is one of the activities under the project entitled “St. Raphael Archangel Parish (SRAP) Agri-Eco Farm: A Community-centered and Church-based Agi-Ecotourism Site. This training aims to capacitate the participants from the SRAP ‘Laudato Si’ group about Organic Agriculture. A faculty expert from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Jayryl Enano served as the resource speaker for the two sessions of the training.
The first session of the activity was held on August 2, 2022, which comprised the full lecture. The resource speaker discussed the different types of concoctions that are organically used as fertilizer, the participants choose some concoctions that they want to produce for the second session which is the hands-on/workshop for the organic agriculture training that happened on August 16, 2022.
Present also during the activity are Ms. Leizl G. Ayala, the Extension Services Division Unit Head; and Jessel Anne P. Rodriguez, a faculty member from the College of Economics and Management, and the proponent of the project SRAP.
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