CBSUA faculty members, and other officials visited Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) to attend the very first partnership development meeting between the College of Development Education (CDE) and TAU August 22, 2022 at the TAU’s Farmers Training Center Function Room.

The said business meeting has a purpose of proposing a collaboration with Tarlac Agricultural University especially for the upcoming 7th Regional and 2nd International Research Forum to be spearheaded by the College of Development Education, College of Education of the three other campuses, and Graduate School in December this year. In addition, the two universities also envisioned building partnership in research and extension endeavors. Some of the projects of CBSUA that have been presented were the ‘Pinaggikanan,’ one of the most proactive programs of CBSUA.

Dean of the College of Development Education, Dr. Raquel Reapor, said that CBSUA’s members of the community are innovators who still want to expand, elevate, and enhance the programs and that they look forward to the assistance and guidance of the partner university – Tarlac Agricultural University.

Dr. Christine Ferrer, the Director of External Linkages and International Affairs of TAU; Dr. Claire Anne Olivares, the Dean of the College of Education of TAU; and other officials clarified several pieces of information regarding CBSUA’s proposals, and showed their affirmation to the two projects  in the end. They said that they are willing to collaborate with CDE on the said Research Forum and also suggested areas where they can be of great help. Aside from that, they also stated that they will adapt the framework of the ‘Pinaggikanan’ project, and later agreed on the provisions of the Memorandum of Agreement.

CBSUA and TAU are striving to build stronger partnerships starting in 2018 to cater to more and more Filipino students.

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