In a collaborative effort, the Office of the Students Affairs-Guidance and Counseling Unit of the Pili Campus, in partnership with the Gender and Development Center and Curriculum and Instruction Division, executed a seminar entitled “Inclusive Education: Accommodation and Strategies for Student Success,” as a component of Project EQUIP: Enabling Quality, Unity, and Inclusion for Persons with Special Educational Needs and disabilities, held at the CITL of the CBSUA Main Campus on November 9, 2023.

The primary goal of the seminar was to equip faculty members with the practical knowledge and skills necessary for implementing effective accommodations and strategies to support students with special needs and disabilities. This initiative underscores the institution’s commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment that ensures the success of all students, regardless of their individual needs.

Two speakers, experts in the field of inclusive education, were invited to share their insights and expertise. Mr. Fermin P. Curaming, MAED, LPT, and Ms. Paula Kristine S. Villena, MAED, LPT, provided perspectives on accommodating diverse learning styles and needs.

The morning session featured informative presentations by guest speakers, delving into the theoretical frameworks and practical applications of inclusive education. The seminar transitioned in the afternoon into a hands-on workshop focused on accommodation strategies.


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