A workshop on CBSUA Digital Agriculture Research Initiatives was conducted by the Digital Agriculture and Innovation Center headed by its director, Dr. Vladimir Foronda, in partnership with LDLA-SMARTHUB.AI on December 5, 2022, at the CND Hall and via Zoom Video Conferencing.

The said event covered the discussion on current initiatives of CBSUA Digital Agriculture Research program and existing associated tools and facilities, specifically on Geospatial Research and Development of Online Systems and web-based database management systems. Dr. Foronda also showcased high-grade GPS-GNSS devices and Mavic 2 drones, which, according to Dr. Foronda, are the first here in the Philippines.

A talk about the research on short-term crops under greenhouse environment was also facilitated by Engr. Lhizel Claveria and Prof. Jaryl Enano from CEFS and CANR, respectively. The orientation on facilities for Digital Agriculture Research Program continued through the assistance of the invited experts from different institutions here in the Philippines, Australia, USA, and India.

The event ended with the workshop focused on identifying a research project under the Digital Agriculture Program domain using the tools, gadgets, and data loggers deployed by the Smart Agriculture Project. The participants were divided into three groups and were asked to present their initial research proposals.




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