Culture and the Arts Affairs

The Arts and Culture Affairs Unit aims to uplift the culture and art awareness, values and skills of the students through different forms of arts. Its functions include the selection, formation, and training attending the seminar, workshops, and competition on the following components:

  1. Dance (native, folk, contemporary (majorettes) and modern or hip-hop)
  2. Music (Phil. Music – folk and contemporary, choral, solo, duet, and band)
  3. Theater (drama, stage arts, theatrical and musical play, shadow puppetry or black theater)
  4. Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, digital designs, etc.)
  5. Film and Media Arts (production and presentation of the film)
  6. Literary Arts
  7. Communication Arts (Debate, Oration, Extemporaneous Speaking)

It supports the university’s mandate to provide programs, training, and activities for the enhancement of artistic skills of the students for the promotion of cultural awareness and values.


Unit Coordinator

[email protected]