Duties and Responsibilities:

a. Record and prepare the minutes or proceedings in
meetings of the Board of Regents and such other meetings
as may be presided over by the University President;
b. Submit minutes of all meetings to the University
President and provide the same to the other University
officials as may be required under existing policies or as
directed by the University President;
c. Issue notices for all meetings called by the University
d. Assist the University President in the preparation of the
consolidated annual report of the University;
e. Take custody of the University seal and affix it on
diplomas, certificates, titles or degrees conferred by the
University, as well as all documents on which such seal is
required to be affixed;
f. File and maintain the university-wide records and
g. Serve upon each member of the Board of Regents the
appropriate notice of their meetings, together with the
agenda and pertinent documents, at least one (1) week
before the scheduled meeting;
h. Keep a full and accurate record of the Board proceedings;
i. Inform, through the University President, any and all
parties involved in the implementation of decisions and
resolutions of the Board of Regents and apprise them of
actions taken thereon;
j. Furnish each Board of Regent a copy of the minutes of
each meeting at the next meeting or sooner, as may be
required by them;
k. Serve as Secretary of the University Administrative and
Academic Councils;
l. Perform other duties and functions as the Board of
Regents and the University President may assign.