Philosophy, Vision, Mission and Objectives



Education for Sustainable Human Development


To become the Center of Excellence in Agri-industrial Sciences and Technology for sustainable development of the Bicol Region.


We are committed to develop competent human resources, generate and disseminate appropriate Knowledge and technologies relevant to the agri-industrial development needs of Bicolandia.


The general objective of the University Review Center is to maintain an institutional performance higher than the national passing percentage in the board exams of CBSUA graduates for LET, LEA, DVM and Agricultural Engineering.

Specifically, it aims to;

  1. Offer and conduct review among CBSUA graduates of Agriculture, Teacher Education, DVM and Agricultural Engineering;
  2. Extend its review classes among graduates of other HEIs who are willing to enroll;
  3. Garner higher passing percentage;
  4. Serve as an avenue for community service to graduates by extending CBSUA’s expertise to the alumni thru review classes;
  5. Orient the reviewees on the requirements, what to do and what not to do during actual examinations;
  6. Increase the chances ofpassing the board examinations; and
  7. Publish review materials for the review program.




Director, URC

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