Research Agenda

I. CCA Measures

  • Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Systems
  • Small Holder Farming Models in CSA
  • Organic Agriculture Systems in CSA
  • Agroforestry Models for CSA
  • Crop-Livestock Systems for CSA
  • Eco-DRR
  • HVCA in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry/Hazard and Vulnerability Mapping
  • Early Warming Systems and Post Disaster Needs Assessment
  • Crop-Weather Relations and Climate Predictive Models
  • IKS on CCA
  • Risk Communications Systems
II. Food Security/Livelihood Security/Organic Agriculture
  • Gene Banking Systems
  • Seed Production and Management Systems
  • Alternative Food and Feed Production Systems (Organic Agriculture)
  • Alternative Sources of Food, Feed ingredients and Production Systems
  • Improvement of Post Harvest Systems including Machinery
  • Clean and Green Post Harvest Systems
  • Improved marketing Systems
  • Rural and Urban: Improving Interface Mechanics
  • Traditional Foods and Livelihoods
  • Extension Delivery Systems

III. Curricular Reform

  • Improving Educational Technologies in Higher Education
  • Improving Teaching – Learning Modalities
  • Policy and Mechanisms in Response to the K to 12
  • Manpower Supply and Demand Studies
  • Graduate Tracer Studies
  • Improving Governance in Higher Education
  • Developing Results-Based Performance Evaluation Systems in Higher Education
  • IKS in Education
  • Policy Studies on K to 12

IV.  Environmental Management

  • Biosphere and Protected Areas Management
  • Sustainability Assessment of Socio-Ecological Systems (terrestrial, riverine, estuarine and marine)
  • Climate Proofing Ecosystems
  • Biota and Habitat Conservation and Management Systems
  • Alternative Livelihoods in Environmentally Critical Areas
  • Sewerage and Waste Management and Disposal Systems
  • Eco-Friendly Land Use Systems
  • Green and Clean Industries (environmental engineering)

V. Bicol Development and Policy Studies

  • Baseline Studies and Regional Natural resource inventories
  • Assessment of Regional Impact Projects
  • Technology Assessment
  • Agri-Ecotorism Studies
  • Explorative Studies on Food, Feed and Drugs development
  • Cultural Studies