R&D Strategic Directions

  • Develop a faculty, staff and student research program
  • Implement functional and relevant research programs
  • Develop and manage technologies and information
  • Establish and upgrade research facilities/centers
  • Enhance the fiscal resource base for research services


  • Develop and implement a comprehensive college-based R and D agenda in the University
  • Aggressively encourage program/commodity/ecosystem-based trans-disciplinary research and enhance faculty-staff-student and junior-senior research partnerships
  • Align Undergraduate and Graduate theses and postdoctoral researches to a specific college-based R and D agenda in the University
  • Encourage faculty members to adopt research methods as teaching strategies
  • Conduct an intensive faculty, staff and student R and D capability development program
  • Provide seed money and other incentives to researchers such as in paper presentations and publications in refereed journals
  • Produce a compendium of faculty, staff and student researches on a yearly basis
  • Implement a knowledge and technology management program
  • Establish and Implement an R and D facility modernization program
  • Collaborate with relevant local, national and international R and D agencies in technology generation to commercialization
  • Enhance monitoring and evaluation activities
  • Use judiciously research fiscal resources
  • Strengthen research, extension and production interfacing activities