Program Development and Review Unit

 Arthur B. Estrella

Unit Head, Program Development and Review Unit

Imee Franz N. Siares

Research Assistant


      The Program Development and Review Unit shall: (a) Coordinates the planning, formulation and updating of the College’s Research Agenda; (b) Coordinates the packaging of R&D proposals; (c) Coordinates the review and evaluation of R&D proposals; (d) Facilitates the implementation of R&D projects; (e) Coordinates activities leading to the identification, development and validation of matured technologies; (f) Recommends policies which will enhance  the system of R&D program planning; (g) Prepares and submits to the Director the plans and program and accomplishment report of the unit; (h) Supervises the unit staff and manage the overall operation of the unit; and, (i) Countersigns communication and related documents concerning the unit.

Downloadable Research Materials

  1. Training-Workshop on Research Proposal Preparation | September 30-October 2, 2019 with Dr. Cely S. Binoya. Click here

Downloadable Research Format

  1. External Funding Agencies Research Template. Click here
  2. Institutional Research Template (CBSUA Format). Click here