Brief Description: 

The Office of the Registrar is headed by the University Registrar which is considered the “heart of an academe” because it is where academic records of all students of the university are stored and handled with utmost care and confidentiality.   The office continue to develop the embodiment of the values and commitment to serve all the students and stakeholders of the university and as well as the public.


                        The Office of the University Registrar shall provide academic and     administrative support to the University to attain its educational mandate.


                        The Office of the University Registrar is envisioning a fully automated         office procedure and to deliver on-line services to its clientele.






Honest and Trustworthy

Services Offered:

  1. Enrollment and Registration
  2. Preparation and release of students’ academic records
  3. Graduation

How to Avail the Services:

The Office of the Registrar has designated office staff to cater to the needs of the students per program.  They only need to file their requests for the specific academic records they need after complying with the requirements needed by the office.

University Student Registration and Records Office
1. There shall be a University Student Registration and Records Office headed by a University Registrar who shall have the
following duties and responsibilities:
a. Administer the registration of students;
b. Manage the data base of students to include profile, scholastic records and other relevant data;
c. Issue certificate of grades to the parents/guardians within one month after the end of the semester;
d. Publish, at the end of each academic term, the list of students qualified to be in the honor roll, coordinate with various colleges or departments, within one month after the end of each term, regarding students’ failures, incomplete marks, and other academic shortcomings;
e. Issue diplomas, certifications, transcripts of records, certificates of honorable dismissal and such other University documents that emanate from the Office of the University Registrar;
f. Promote harmonious relationship with other registrars in other campuses; and
g. Perform other duties and functions as delegated by the University President.

Head of Office


University Registrar

Contact details

email add: [email protected]/ [email protected]

(054) 871 5531 to 33 local 114