Institutional Accreditation is the evaluation of a whole educational institution of which the guidelines and standards shall be formulated in collaboration with the existing federations/networks of accrediting agencies to be approved by CHED. (CHED Memo No. 1, series of 2005, Article II).  The accrediting body is the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP).

The prerequisites for the Institutional Accreditation are: (a) all programs are accredited Level 1, or (b) at least 75% of the programs of the university are accredited level 1 and the rest are at any level of accreditation.  As of January 2021, CBSUA main campus has 93.75% of its academic programs accredited ranging from Levels I to Level IV, while for the whole CBSUA system is 93.10%.  This requirement applies only to all accreditable programs and the listing considered is based on the consolidated list of institutions and programs granted accreditation status.  With this status, the CBSUA is qualified for the Institutional Accreditation.

Unlike the program accreditation that consist of ten (10) areas, the Institutional Accreditation has nine (9) standards or areas in instrument evaluated with corresponding weights:

I Governance and management 20
II Teaching, learning and evaluation 15
III Faculty and Staff 10
IV Research 10
V Extension and Consultancy and Linkages 10
VI Support to Students 10
VII Library 10
VIII Infrastructure and Learning Resources 10
IX Quality Assurance Culture   5
  TOTAL 100


There are four (4) Accreditation levels:

Accreditation Level Description Minimum Grade to pass
I Good, maturing institution 3.0 – below 3.5
II Good, mature institution 3.5 – below 4.0
III Very good, very mature institution comparable with the best in the Philippines 4.0 – below 4.5
IV Outstanding institution, globally comparable 4.5  and above


The activities undertaken in preparation for the survey started with the attendance of some faculty and administrators to the webinar on online institutional accreditation last September 23-25, 2020.  The different task force in charge of each area was created.  Early January 2021, there was a target setting for all the QA processes targeted for 2021.   Orientation of Institutional Accreditation was conducted last February 1-2, 2021 with two resource persons from AACCUP, the Executive Director, Dr. Milabel E. Ho and DR. Maria Glenda O. De Lara, member of the Board of Trustees of AACCUP.  Training and Workshop for the IA task force was conducted last May 3,5 & 6, 2021 where presentation of the Self Survey and initial output of the Institutional Portfolio was presented and criticized by the resource person, Dr. Maria Glenda O. De Lara.

Preparation of the Institutional Portfolio and Self Survey is on going to be submitted to AACCUP this August 2021.  Likewise, gathering and packaging of supporting documents are being prepared.  Letter of request for schedule was forwarded last May 2021 and final schedule will be given by AACCUP once the IP and Self Survey are forwarded. Target schedule of survey is last quarter of 2021.