Physical Plant and Facilities and Division

Preventive Maintenance – Carpentry, Electrical and Plumbing Services

Ground Maintenance – Janitorial Services

The University Physical Plant and Development Services Division is headed by a Director who shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
a. Administer and supervise the Physical Plant and
Development Services Division;
b. Direct and supervise activities of the various offices under it;
c. Recommend the budget and prepare requisitions, vouchers, travel requests and similar papers relative to the operation of the Division;
d. Coordinates with the University administration and officials for the preparation and approval of plans, specifications, program of works and other technical documents/effects relative to the implementation/ construction of the infrastructure projects;
e. Promote harmonious relationship with other physical plant and development services coordinators in other campuses; and
f. Perform other duties and functions as delegated by the University President.

Section 2. The Sections under the University Physical Plant and  Development Services Division shall be headed by a Section head are:
a. The Construction Section shall facilitate the construction of new buildings, the repair and maintenance work of various buildings and facilities of the University;
b. The Repairs and Maintenance Section shall facilitate the installation/repair and maintenance of various electrical fixtures and related works in the different buildings of the University;
c. The Grounds Maintenance and Improvement Section shall facilitate the maintenance of the cleanliness in the surroundings of the University;
d. The Motorpool Section shall facilitate the proper scheduling of trips; repair and maintenance of vehicles;

Head of Office

Director, Physical Plant and Facilities Division