Objectives OSAS

  1. Provide relevant and comprehensive program, activities and support facilities to enhance the students’ academic, research, technological social, cultural and artistic intelligences; competitiveness and leadership skills;
  1. Work for the advancement of students’ academic pursuit by supporting participants to local, regional, national and international seminars, workshops, training, conventions and competitions;
  1. Work and coordinate with the faculty and staff, administrators, parents and other stakeholders in the planning and implementation of development initiatives for students and in responding to students’ issues and concerns;
  1. Uphold academic freedom among students by encouraging open exchange of scholarly ideas and expressions and conduct of healthy competitions;
  1. Develop patriotic, morally upright and God-fearing students, imbued with the value of transparency, honesty and integrity; and
  1. Establish linkages and networks with outside agencies to provide better educational/learning opportunities for students.