Duties and Responsibilities:

a. Ensure strong and effective student services system based
on cooperation and respect for human values committed
towards academic excellence and individual development
by creating and developing well-rounded educational
programs, unifying the students for the fulfillment of
their aspirations in life, providing communal and efficient
services, and instilling the essence of subsidiary
b. Promote right order of things requiring rules and
regulations for external discipline to facilitate the
development of desirable attitudes, values and behavior
patterns to ensure favorable academic atmosphere;
c. Facilitate the proper coordination and supervision of
general activities for the adequate utilization of their
efforts and capabilities to attain their objectives and at
the same time help in realizing the goals of the
d. Promote the development programs for students in
cooperation with the academic departments and student
organizations concerned to help them realize their
potentials and enhance the campus atmosphere;
e. Ensure effective supervision of recognized student
organizations and their respective faculty advisers;
f. Accredit student organizations and conduct orientation
programs for freshmen students through the Guidance
and Counseling Unit;
g. Promote harmonious relationship with other student
affairs services coordinators in other campuses; and
h. Perform other duties and functions as delegated by the
University President.