In a joint effort to prepare its pioneer batch of reviewees for the first-ever licensure examination for food technologists, the University Review Center and College of Engineering and Food Science launched its free intensive review for the said examination on June 1, 2023, at the Ciriaco N. Divinagracia Hall.

Dr. Celerino Llesol, the Campus Administrator, welcomed all the attendees of the opening programme. Dr. Ana Mirana, the VP for Academic Affairs, expressed her challenge to the reviewees.

Ms. Ana Gavara, the Chairman of the FTLE Review Committee, introduced the lecturers and schedule to the reviewees. Furthermore, Engr. Edgar Martin De La Rama, Jr., Director of the University Review Center, discussed the objectives, etiquettes, and policies that reviewees must abide by in the entire duration of the review. Ms. Maria Rosario Garol, the University Guidance Counselor, gave a talk on dealing with board exam stress and anxiety.

The College Dean, Dr. Jenifer Ebona, ended the opening programme with her closing remarks. She expressed her high hopes and trust to the first batch of FTLE takers.

A total of 100 slots were opened for the said free FTLE review. Graduating students of Food Technology and alumni are the recipients of this free review.


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