To capture CBSUA-CDE’s best practices in the education program, Pili Capital College, Inc. visited the university for a benchmarking activity and sealed partnership with the aforementioned College through a Memorandum of Agreement signing on July 28, 2023 at the CBSUA-CND Hall.

The programme commenced with an opening remarks from the VP for Admin and Finance, Atty. Dominador Faurillo. Dr. Arlene Million, Dean of the Teacher Education Program in PCCI read their Statement of Purpose. She took the chance to express her appreciation to CDE for making the partnership possible.

Dr. Ana Mirana, VP for Academic Affairs; Dr. Vladimir Foronda, Director of Extension Services Division; Dr. Myra Homillano, Director of Knowledge Management Center; the VPAF; and Ms. Ruth Meliton, VP of PCCI, took part in the Memorandum of Agreement Signing. This was followed by Words of Commitment from Dr. Ana Mirana.

A one-on-one consultation with Area Leaders from CDE took place. Faculty members of the PCCI actively participated among the discussions.

Lastly, the Campus Administrator, Dr. Celerino Llesol, spoke for the closing remarks where he hoped that the university and CDE were able to give what PCCI intended to gain. He further conveyed how the university is always open in sharing its resources to those who need it.


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