NEO NORMAL AGVENTURE: Seizing opportunities, helping communities

CBSUA Calabanga Campus extends its curriculum implementation through Neo Normal Agventure activities even before pandemic struck the world in 2020.

Tagged “Agventure,” the College of Arts and Sciences through the leadership of the Dean, Dr. Dariel Palmiano and the faculty thought of integrating¬† in the AB English Language and BS Mathematics the concepts of agriculture to bring it closer to their students. In 2019, commencing with tree planting activity in Ratay, Calabanga, the Agventure was inclined more in information dissemination in the Campus and in the barangay through artistic and literary ways. The birth of Neo Normal Agventure came upon the onset of the pandemic establishing more programs not just to help their students but also the surrounding communities.

At present, the Neo Normal Agventure (NNA) has its two-fold objectives namely 1) bringing back the agriculture spirit and liking among the youth and students and 2) regain respect to the farmers.

Treewardship and the Chicken Farming activities as few of the first programs of the NNA integrated agricultural concepts in line with the essential learning competencies. The said programs incorporate valuing and hardwork through the curriculum unification¬† as well as community leadership and participation. Students, their parents, faculty, community members, and other stakeholders involve themselves to collaborate in attaining the programs’ goals.

These programs reached the interest of others who expressed support in various ways such as sponsorship and donations, among others. The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) shared its expertise in the series of webinars on knowledge development and skills enhancement, private and public figures sponsored treewardship by purchasing tree seedlings from the owners of Nursery making them few of the beneficiaries of the project, and personalities engaged in supporting the program through donations to name Ms. Joahnna Rivera Hutchison and her family from Scotland gave P5,000 worth of vegetable seeds, and the Department of Agriculture (DA) handed out the a total of 600 chickens for faculty and the On-the-Job trainees and 15 sacks of feeds all delivered to the campus. Likewise, the Agriculture Training Institute (ATI) allotted vegetable seeds for the continuation of gardening project of the NNA.

Other activities of NNA included tree planting with Graduate School with seedlings all bought from the Nursery owners and NNA serving as an online shop for the agricultural products. Furthermore, it provides continual webinars for information dissemination and valuing of the extension programs.

Dr. Palmiano said in an interview that the University President [Dr. Alberto N. Naperi] is very supportive of this endeavor of Calabanga Campus. They also dream of having this project applied in all the campuses of CBSUA in order to reintroduce the love for agriculture through curriculum application and to incorporate the University’s vision and mission in extending help to communities.

Calabanga Campus Administrator, Dr. Cornelio Funtanar as Consultant and Neo Normal Agventure Center Director, Dr. Emerson Begonio worked with the team from conceptualizing to implementation. Likewise, the Deans of other Colleges namely Dr. Aurora Besmonte and Prof. Alejandre Sacay, ABEL Chairperson, Prof. Mariss Encinares and BSM Chairperson, Prof. Engr. Nilo Gonzaga, OSAS Coordinator, Prof. Jeremy Doloso, Jr., GAD Coordinator, Prof. Yvette Jonathan Molina, Faculty President, Prof. Nina Francia Bergonio, and Non Teaching Personnel Association President, Dr. Circe Hernandez, continue to enhance collaboration as the campus thrives to implementing the programs.

“We wanted to act on what the people need now, food security and environmental care. As member of the academe, we can do so much more!,” ended Dr. Palmiano.

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