Mobilization of the CBSUA PRIME -HRM University Committees

The Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) committees were mobilized thru a meeting of the persons involved on May12, 2022 at The Auditorium of CBSUA Pili Campus.
It highlighted the message of President Alberto N. Naperi, PRIME-HRM Champion and Chairperson, on the importance of abiding one standard and a competency-based promotion. He also explained his high regard to team work and good working attitude. He added that intelligence can be learned but attitude is difficult to change.
Also, the committees were presented and oriented by the PRIME-HRM Co-Chairperson, Dr. Ana E. Mirana. The committees were divided according to the pillars of the PRIME -HRM.
The timeline was discussed by the University HRM Officer-Designate Luigi Lorenzo N. Razal.
Future plans and directions were explained further before the meeting ended with the closing remarks of the Co-Champion of PRIME-HRM, Atty. Dominador F. Faurillo.
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