Mariano Marcos State University visited the CBSUA campuses last May 15- 20, 2022, to conduct a site visit at the different Nipa plantations in Camarines Sur and for possible collaboration/partnership for both institutions.
Bicol Region is one of the primary sources of Nipa palm tree in the Philippines. The nipa palm tree is also valuable and beneficial for the local community’s economy. With this, some institutions conducted research about the extraction of the Nipa palm tree and study on the possible product that can be produced using the said raw material. One of those institutions is the Mariano Marcos State University in Ilocos Norte; they conducted research and study on making Nipahol and how this experiment has been more beneficial to society.
This research gives the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture team an idea to be involved in the said research/study and fulfill the institution’s mission of leading innovation and building resilient and sustainable communities.
MMSU discussed the plans and activities for the Nipa plantation and possible production, validated the Nipa plantation map with the CBSUA team, and conducted a site visit and field tour at the Bicol Nipa plantations in Camarines Sur.
Other photos and vids: ESD Staff
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