The Institutional Planning and Development Office, headed by Dr. Emerson Bergonio, led a 3-day CPES Accreditation Training for the engineers and architects of the University at the CND Hall on October 12-14, 2022.

In his message, Dr. Bergonio said that the activity is an avenue for human capital development regardless of the type of employment. He added that it was a way of sustaining the quality management system of the University. Moreover, the Atty. Dominador Faurillo said that the activity is necessary for the school to comply with the requirement of having a CPES Unit composed of qualified and accredited people. He said that passing the accreditation is the success indicator of the event. Furthermore, Dr. Alberto Naperi, the University President, hopes that the engineers and architects can have the said training and seminar to advance their capacity to evaluate contractors to improve the construction concerns at CBSUA. He emphasized that the school invited only the experts because, according to him, “I don’t want my people to be half-baked when acquiring the necessary skills and abilities in assessing the qualities of the equipment and other materials.”

There was an onsite examination and computation on the third day of the said event as part of the evaluation procedure. One of the experts invited to the event was Ms. Giovann Mikhael C. Dela Rosa.


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