After a two-week quest for solutions to pressing world challenges, the CBSUA delegation to the Intensive Program 2024 held in Belgium visited the University President, Dr. Albert Naperi, for a courtesy visit on February 16, 2024.

Comprising the delegation are seven selected students from the four campuses of the university: John Odo Esguerra, Emmanuel A. Dematera, Faye Boncodin, Lourdes Maria I. Apongol, Hanna Pearl M. Santelices, Cindy Medalla, and Rendel M. Del Valle. This delegation is led by Dr. Vladimir Foronda and is joined by Dr. Philip Talay, Engr. Lynet Alto and Prof. Dindy Deanne Orit, who served as faculty coaches in the program.

The courtesy visit became an opportunity for the delegates to impart their learning from the program. Particularly, they zeroed in on the cases they worked on and the experience working with their Belgian counterparts.

As a strong display of felicitation and support to the delegation, Dr. Naperi expressed his continued commitment to the university’s participation in the program.

The participation of the delegates in the program is a testament to the university’s pursuit of academic development and international collaborations, preparing students to be ready for the forthcoming challenges in the world.

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