CBSUA-Extension Services Division (ESD) led the 3rd quarter assessment of the program and project conducted by the University on September 20, 2022, at Ecotel Board Room.

This quarter’s evaluation and assessment ensure that the funds are utilized efficiently for the most significant probable impact. It also provides an avenue to review if the purpose and goal of the programs and project were attained.

In these initiatives for the 3rd quarter, as well as reviewing the plans for the next quarter, determines the status and analyze information about program activities–and outcomes, identify challenges that hinder steering extension, and, most significantly, in ensuring the rest targets will be met in the last quarter.

The Extension Campus Coordinators presented their accomplishments and shared the issues and difficulties encountered in implementing their extension activities. Then, the next quarter’s catch-up plans were done based on the results of the assessments and evaluations.

The ESD Director, Dr. Vladimir R. Foronda, presided over the assessment meeting. It was attended by Mr. Solomon AzaƱes, Extension Coordinator-Calabanga Campus, Mr. Ramon Monte, Extension Coordinator-Pasacao Campus, and Mr. Leila C. Taya, Extension Coordinator-Sipocot Campus. The staff of campuses and unit heads were also present to give their critical points in enabling different extension initiatives.

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