To facilitate recovery both for the University and its clients in the field of Academics, SUC President IV, Dr. Alberto N. Naperi, released a Memorandum suspending the synchronous and asynchronous classes from 9th to the 30th of November 2020.

This call was to address the various challenges that the University and its teaching personnel and students experience after the recent typhoons all passing and that tremendously affected the province of Camarines Sur, municipality of Pili in particular.

Having seen the effects of the typhoons especially in the Academics, suspension of classes using Virtual Learning Portal and modules. This act did not only aid the university in repairing and rehabilitating its physical facilities but more so the emotional and psychological aspects of its teachers and students. They were not to worry of the deadlines and online classes until the said advisory is lifted by the Office of the President.

After series of typhoons, CBSUA continually looks forward for better times for its community before 2020 ends.

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