College of Economics and Management, as part of their extension program entitled, “St. Rafael Archangel Parish (SRAP) Agri-Eco Farm: A Community-Centered and Church-Based Agri-Ecotourism Site,” conducted training on Food Tourism on September 17, 2022, at St. Rafael Archangel Parish, San Antonio, Pili, Camarines Sur.
It was attended by the Parishioners of the parish, specifically the organic farming families. As the parish aims to be a church-based Agri-ecotourism site, parishioners must be competent to build sales models in food and diversify via new agricultural and tourism products as it is an essential instrument of regional development.
Prof. Ardolf B. Arce serves as a resource speaker, and he lectured on Community Development through Food Tourism to see the identity of food culture as it is part component of cultural and heritage tourism–the model of a good food experience with ingredients, cooking skills, sense of taste, recipes, and memory.
The training was also attended by the Project Leader of CEM-SRAP, Prof. Jessel Ann P. Rodriguez, Secretary of Laudato Si’, Ms. Evageline Huerno, and ESD staff, Ms. Abigael Rose F. Bobis.
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