The College of Economics and Management (CEM) launched the first session of the guest lectureship series themed “Post-Pandemic Trends” on January 30, 2023, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. (Philippine Standard Time) via zoom. 

CEM launched a series of guest lectureships as a learning and teaching strategy to reinforce classroom lectures and enrich students’ overall learning experience. Aside from this, it enables the student-organizers to apply the theories, concepts, and ideas from their previous and present subjects.

In the first session, the guest lecturers were Dr. Victor Gorshkov, Associate Professor, University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan, and Prof.  Gintarė Gulevičiūtė, Lecturer, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania. Dr. Gorshkov talked about the “Japanese Economy and Marketing Strategies of Japanese Firms,” which highlighted the use of anime instead of famous people to market Japanese products and services. Meanwhile, Prof. Gulevičiūtė shared her extensive knowledge about “Google Marketing,” where she underscored the use of Google in providing various tools and platforms for businesses to reach their target audience, including search ads, display ads, and video ads on YouTube. It was participated by the CEM students and faculty members, students and teachers from different schools such as San Jose Pili National High School, Laguna State Polytechnic University – Siniloan Campus, and University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

The recently concluded session was just the beginning of something big. Since this is a series, three more guest lectureships will be conducted. The organizers of this series are the 3rd year BSAB and 1st year BSTM students under the leadership of the Technical Working Group (TWG) Chairperson, Mr. Dan Dan Louie San Agustin (BSAB 3B), and Co-chairperson, Mr. Joelijah De los Santos (BSTM 1B). The committee heads are Ms. Ajelie Strephanie R. Llave (BSTM 1B), Registration; Mr. Chazz Carlo A. Arcilla (BSAB 3B), Communications; Ma. Missy V. Peconcillo (BSAB 3B), Technical; and Ms. Edita R. Maniscan (BSAB 3B), Marketing. This is under the supervision of their subject instructor, Mr. Ardolf B. Arce. Keep updated, and follow our FB page—CEM Guest Lectureship Series. | via Mr. Chazz Carlo A. Arcilla, Head of Communications, CEM Guest Lectureship Series

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