On March 3, 2023, the College of Economics and Management (CEM) conducted the second installment of its Guest Lectureship Series with the theme “Brand Positioning”, featuring Filipino and foreign lecturers through the Zoom platform.

This time around, subject matter experts were invited to talk about Marketing Agri-based Products through Agritourism and Celebrity Endorsers’ Influence on Buyer’s Perception and Decision”. Resource speakers for the lecture are prominent personalities in their field. Mr. Pandurang Taware is the Founder/Chief Promoter/Managing Director of Maharashtra State Agri & Rural Tourism Co-operative Federation Ltd. He is a recipient of numerous awards in tourism and is internationally known as the “Father of the Agritourism Concepts” in India. Meanwhile, international lecturer, Prof. Linda Garcia, is the Institutional Marketing and Communications Coordinator of Miriam College. Her forte is in the field of broadcasting and communication. She is a recipient of multiple awards here in the Philippines and abroad.

Mr. Pandurang Taware, took to the microphone and was the first lecturer. He discussed “Marketing Agri-based Products Through Agritourism”. According to him, every farm has its own story. Thus, brand positioning is based on localization and cultural diversity. He underscored that the conduct of market research is essential in brand positioning. 

Meanwhile, the second speaker, Prof. Lynda Catindig-Garcia, MA, discussed the “Celebrity Endorsers’ Influence on Buyers’ Perception and Purchase Intention”. According to Prof. Garcia, building a good relationship with people and having a good track record is very important in marketing a product. She even cited some celebrities who have tremendously influenced consumers’ perceptions and buying decisions, such as Marimar, F4, BTS, Sarah G., and SB19, to name a few. 

CEM proposed Guest Lectureship Series as a learning and teaching strategy to reinforce classroom discussions and enrich student learning experience. The organizers of this series are BS Agribusiness Junior students and BS Tourism Management freshmen students under the supervision of Mr. Ardolf B. Arce.

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