CDE students Org leads Earth Day Celebration

Science Teacher Active Regents (STAR) spearheaded Earth Day dubbed as DANTAY: International Commemoration of Earth Day in the New Normal on 22 April 2021.

The event revolved around the theme “Resilient Communities Amidst Adversity and Pandemic: Restoring Earth As one!” led by the student organization headed by its President, Ralph Steven S. Branzuela and Vice- President, Jamaica P. Regencia, together with its officers and adviser, Dr. Melinda P. Pan.

The international webinar was in collaboration with Universitas Muria Kudus and College of Development Education, in partnership with Supreme Student Council-Pili and another organization, Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc.

Inspired by the synergy of teamwork and unity, the students, faculty, and staff of CBSUA and UMK have always been in utmost collaboration and support with one another. Participants from different universities in the Philippines attended the said event.

“STAR proudly renders its efforts in raising awareness to save our home, Earth. Let us be proactive protectors of our environment as we continue our collaborations with different universities and organizations around the globe,” concluded Brizuela.

With report from Raffy Branzuela

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