CBSUA Faculty Advisors joined the Local Government Unit of Sipocot Camarines sur through the Technology Assistance Program for Local Government Units (TAP LGU) on 19 March 2021.
The event was a (walkthrough) Planning Workshop that aimed to materialize and realize the initial plans and partnership of the local government institutions.
The program for LGU Sipocot will be handled by the TAP LGU team from Sipocot Campus led by the Campus Administrator, Prof. Zeus Lositaño, together with Extension Services Coordinator, Prof. Vilma Lositaño, College of Education, Dr. Ana Maria Bonito, the Research Director and other members. The team was also graced by the deans/representative from the strong 6 colleges of CBSUA Main campus to assist in the technology solutions needed by Sipocot. CDE Dean Dr. Raquel Reapor, CAS Representative Prof. Ginalyn Sabroso, CEM Representative, Prof. Sonny Corporal, CVM Representative, Dr. Rachelle Cornejo, CEFS Representative Prof. Rocelyn Imperial, and CANR Representative, Prof. Leah Banastao.
Key officials of the LGU were present during the planning. Seen as challenging by the LGU, with the assistance of CBSUA providing Techno Solutions and Planning Solutions this can be done.
TAP LGU Technical Working Group is headed by VPRI Dr. Monet Ramirez along with Prof. Arthur Estrella, Dr. Aries Ativo, Prof. Vladimir Foronda, Dr. Emerson Bergonio, and Dr. Philip Talay.
Report: Prof. Philip Talay


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