“Padagos sana,” CBSUA stays committed to bringing the university closer to the communities. As the IDIG Project dubbed “Education at the Door-Step: Sustaining Higher Education amidst COVID-19 Pandemic through Flexible Learning in Partnership with Communities” comes to a close, the series of activities conducted to affect how CBSUA serves the community along with instruction, research, and the extension will continue all for the benefit of stakeholders, especially the students.

CBSUA, through this Institutional Development and Innovation Grant (IDIG) Project, successfully achieved the objectives: a. established and enhanced VLP for online and flexible learning; b. improved the curriculum for flexible learning; c. created digital hubs in pilot municipalities as the center for digital learning; and d. retooled and capacitated teachers and students towards literacy.

With all of these and more CBSUA still aims for continuous improvement in all its programs, projects, and activities.


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