On April 11, 2024, the Office of Human Resource Management and Development organized an orientation program at the Ciriaco N. Divinagracia Hall, for twenty-five On-The-Job Training Students/Trainees from Pili Parochial School.

The event commenced with an opening prayer and the Philippine National Anthem at 9:00 am. Atty. Domindor F. Faurillo, the Vice President for Administration and Finance, welcomed the attendees and the significance of accumulating experiences, likening it to filling one’s “experience chest.” The program continued with a screening of the CBSUA Corporate video and an introduction to the CBSUA Administrative Council Members by Mr. Luigi Lorenzo N. Razal, the HRMD Officer. The OJT coordinators, Ms. Angelica S. Aguilar, Ms. Jonalyn S. Ordiales, and Mr. Reymary R. Cleopas from Pili Parochial School, then explained the responsibilities of the Pili Parochial School. Afterwards, Dr. Allan B. Del Rosario, the Campus Administrator of CBSUA Pili, discussed CBSUA’s responsibilities. Mr. Razal presented the duties of the OJT students/trainees, as well as the do’s and don’ts during the OJT period, followed by the orientation of the deployment program.

The second part of the program was initiated with an orientation session conducted in each office, leading to an interview phase. This series of activities culminated in a comprehensive campus tour for all participants. Throughout this tour, the OJT students and trainees were introduced to the various offices across the campus, providing them with a broad overview of the different work environments they might engage in.

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