The College of Development Education of CBSUA-Pili, together with the Education Faculty of UHAMKA in Indonesia, hosted an international webinar on foreign language with the theme, “BIGKIS 2023: Boosting Academic Cooperation and Internalization through Accessing Global Knowledge, Information, and Strategies,” on December 7, 2023, via Zoom video conferencing.

Guest lecturers from UHAMKA, namely Deasy Wahyu Hidayati, M.Pd. and Nur Aini Puspitasari, M.Pd., both shared significant talks that introduced the participants to the basics of Bahasa Indonesia, including common phrases, greetings, and expressions crucial to understand the cultural context in which the language is used.

Present in the said activity were the faculty of the College of Development Education in CBSUA-Pili led by the dean, Dr. Melinda Parro-Pan, together with Prof. Mary Grace B. Blaza-Polvoriza, Dr. Cherry Love B. Montales, and Sir Ian Albert O. Amparo. Also present in the activity were the instructors of the Education faculty in UHAMKA, led by the dean, Dr. Purnama Syae Purrohman.

It was participated by the BSED 4B- REQ Class headed by Jet M. Villadolid and Carla Mae R. Marantal. This four-hour event was graced by the masters of ceremony, Kim Angela S. Cordez and Ivan Mark M. Laturgo.

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