The Central Bicol State University of Agriculture-Sipocot headed by the Office of the Student Affairs and Services in partnership with the Guidance and Counselling Unit and Industrial Linkage Development Office spearheaded a Pre-Internship Seminar on October 5, 2022, at the CBSUA Multi-purpose Hall.

The seminar was attended by 4th-year students from different colleges of the campus. Its main objective is to give the participants a bird’s eye view of what to expect as they enter the professional realm. The opening remark was given by Prof. Charmayn N. Nate, OSAS Chairperson. Afterward, the rationale of the activity was given by Prof. Ian L. Sagario, ILDO Coordinator, followed by a short message from Prof. Odelio C. Macinas, Campus Administrator. Ms. Shiela B. Manares, a previous faculty of the university and now a Senior High School teacher at Barcelonita Fisheries School was the first speaker who discussed “Technical Writing”. Her talk centered on the application letter and resume as tools for entering the corporate world.

Thereafter, Prof. Rhea B. Abergos, the Guidance Counselor of the campus, proceeded with her talk about “Personality and Personality development”. She highlighted the Five Factor Model by Goldberg. In the afternoon session, Prof. Jasmin A. Valenzuela, from CASIFMAS Pasacao, talked about Social Graces and Business Etiquette through an audio-visual presentation. She discussed important tips for making a good impression on how the would-be job applicants will stand out in their chosen career.

To further discuss the topic, Prof. Charmayn N. Nate continued the discussion by explaining the dining etiquettes, office etiquettes, meeting etiquettes, business card etiquettes, dress etiquettes, and the importance of social graces and good manners. The seminar ended with the business attire competition highlighting the best-dressed students from the different colleges. The College of Information Technology was hailed as the winner for females and the College of Industrial Technology for males.

This Pre-Internship program is essential for all graduating students of the university for this will serve as their guide in their forthcoming on-the-job training and once they step out to the corporate world.

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