CBSUA-Researchers undergo training on SPSS Software

CBSUA-Researchers attended the Two-day Training on Statistical Analysis Using SPSS Software organized by the Research Division on 1 August 2019 at CN Divinagracia Hall.

The Research Division aimed to target that the researchers will enhance the technical knowledge of faculty-researchers in statistical data analysis and interpretation and to ensure deep understanding and encourage adaptation of state-of-the-art software in data analysis. The SPSS or Statistical Package for Social Sciences Software is a critical tool that can be used by faculty-researchers to ensure the quality and reliability of the information generated. It is a software that can manipulate, analyze and generate tabulated reports, charts, and plots of distribution and trends. The said activity aimed to assist the participants to conduct quality, reliable and relevant research which led to achieving the one of its visions of becoming National Research University for Apiculture.

Resource Speaker, Joseph Myth or D.Francisco, MBA, assisted the participants during the seminar on how to use the said software. The training focused on the discussion ranging from basic statistical concepts to highly complex analytical tools used for data analysis using the SPSS Software. SPSS is beneficial for both qualitative and quantitative data, user friendly software and easy to use for beginners. Using this statistical tool for academic research projects will increase the quality and reliability of the faculty’s research paper content.

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