CBSUA-RAC invites for 3rd International Webinar on Stingless Bee

CBSUA extends an invitation to all technology generators, researchers, and practitioners, as the Regional Apiculture Center, through the Research and Innovation cluster, hosted the 3rd International Webinar on Stingless Bees on September 22, 2021, highlighted the Taiwan and Nepal’s beekeeping practices, live-streamed via Extension Division Services’ social media platforms.
As the first and second webinars on stingless bees focused on the Philippine and international institutions, especially, bee farms that specialize in stingless bees, the third installment will focus on determining the composition and quality of bee products, with the theme Enhancing Bee Product Composition Determination and Quality Management.
This outreach webinar was an effective information and communication approach for the CBSUA’s stingless beekeeping initiative, which will have a significant impact on Southeast Asia and the rest of the world, as the university is constantly developing technologies.
Link for Registration:
Meeting ID: 830 6257 4516
Passcode: BEE2021
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