CBSUA, MSU to Venture into Sea Cucumber Research and Development

Sea cucumber is a promising acquatic resource that has not been fully explored in the Philippines. With its wide potential for development, CBSUA and Mindanao State University (MSU) meet up in June 14, 2022 at Romulo’s Cafe, BGC, Makati City to explore possible areas of collaboration in reaearch and development of sea cucumber.

The meet up was facilitated by the staff of Congressman Zaldy Co who is interested in generating cucumber related technologies that may be beneficial to fishing communities. Next steps in the undertaking will be a virtual meeting among the partners in June 17, 2022 and the ocular visit of MSU to CBSUA in June 30, 2022 to assess the existing facilities of the University that may be beneficial to the implmentation of the partnership. MSU team led by Chancellor Elnor Roa, Cong Zaldy Co and his staff are present in the meeting with CBSUA VPRI Dr Ramona Isabel Ramirez and faculty researchers from the Calabanga campus Prof Sandy Rey Bradecina, Prof Caryl Dioneda and Prof. Lea Grajutos.

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